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2017 Swimmer(s) of the Month

December 2017 - Not awarded

November 2017 - Danielle Cooper

October 2017 - Zoe James

September 2017 - Harriet Price

August 2017 - Masters Worlds Squad

July 2017 - Not awarded

June 2017 - Risa Darcy

May 2017 - Not awarded

April 2017 - Chloe Thickett

March 2017 - Harriet Price & Kamilla Erdei

February 2017 - Not awarded

January 2017 - Savannah Dervan Gracey

SURPRISE at grades test!! - 10th Dec 2017

Today was the last grades test of the year and everyone was asked to come poolside.

Maria Ramos, Chair of the National Synchro Body, made a lovely speech about the recipient of the Mary Black Award and we soon cottoned onto who it was when Maria said this lady was a coach, judge and sewed beautiful costumes with sequins and had a daughter who also went on to become a coach - it was awarded to our very own Margaret Woolley; so well deserved Margaret and a heartfelt thank you from all of us for EVERYTHING you have done and continue to do for Rushmoor! :)

(Mary Black award is awarded to someone who is a member of an ASA club and has given outstanding service to English synchronised swimming.)

Rushmoor at S.E. Combined Combo Regionals - 23rd Sept 2017

Rushmoor Dolphins, Seals, Sharks and Sea Lions teams competed in Crawley today, with all teams medalling. Well done girls. 🏆

Rushmoor Masters team placed 5th and duet wins BRONZE at the 2017 World Masters Synchro Championships in Budapest - 7 - 13 August 2017

Click here to read the Swimming Times article: Rushmoor Masters_Worlds 7-13th August 2017 (pdf)

2017 South East Regional Squad

In 2016, the South East Region supported a squad of 12 junior athletes (Risa Darcy, Abi Garner and Alex Thickett were selected from Rushmoor) with 2 training days in Reading and the squad went off for 6 days to a warm weather training camp in Torremolinos, Spain during the May half term.

In 2017, the S.E. Regional Squad has been selected from the 2016 National Age Groups Figures and will contain between 8-12 swimmers from the 13/15 and 15/18 age groups; born in 2002, 2003, 2004) including any athlete(s) selected for England phase 2 trials who are unsuccessful at gaining a place onto the squads and will have 5 single training days in Reading and will go back to the warm weather training camp in Torremolinos, Spain for 6 days during the May half term.

4 RUSHMOOR swimmers have been selected for the squad: Risa Darcy, Katharine Jackson, Phoebe Jones and Zayna Gallacher - congrats girls!

2017 England Talent Squads

We have EIGHT Rushmoor swimmers who were selected for the following England Squads:

Senior Squad: Hannah Randall, Emma Critchley

Senior and Junior Squad: Danielle Cooper

Junior Squad: Celina Dembinska-Kenner, Rosie Gunn, Torrie Usher

Age Group Squad: Abi Taylor

Development Squad: Alex Thickett

Well done girls!

Rushmoor Regional Beacon Programme 2017 - 4th year

There are only 4 BEACON synchronised swimming Clubs in England: Bristol, Leeds, Reading and Rushmoor (4th year as a Beacon Club). (This is the final year of Beacon funding.) Through this programme, swimmers will have access to extended training sessions delivering a syllabus in line with the England Talent Development Squad, including the same testing, protocols and technical work, under the direction of the Regional Beacon Coach. The programme will also involve an education programme including land training and athlete support services.

As part of Beacon, the Club has to run a regional programme once a month from January through to June and then compete in the Beacon Games in July - our region is Surrey, Hampshire and London. The focus of the regional programme will be to select 10 - 15 athletes per Beacon, that either didn’t quite make it onto an England Squad trial or the next best athletes born in 2003, 2004 and 2005. The country has been split into 4 sections and the clubs/athletes divided up appropriately.

We have 5 RUSHMOOR SWIMMERS on this programme: Abi Garner, Louise Love, India Rankin, Olivia Robinson and Eloise Viney.

The squad - U12s:

  • Eloise Viney
  • Florence Ford (LDN)
  • Maddie Brown (PV)


  • Abi Garner
  • Anna Sagoo (LDN)
  • Claire Kelly (LDN)
  • Evie Reynolds (LDN)
  • India Rankin
  • Louise Love
  • Maria Smith-Fernandez (PV)
  • Megan Cosgrove (LDN)
  • Olivia Robinson
  • Ruby Boast (PV)
  • Thiri Thein (LDN)
  • Yessane Rimbon (LDN)

Regional Beacon Coach: Louise Ross - Rushmoor; Coaches: Rhiannon Williams - Portsmouth Victoria and Leonie Kearn - Rushmoor.

2016 Swimmer(s) of the Month

December 2016 - Charlotte King & Alex Thickett

November 2016 - Andrea Holland

October 2016 - Hannah James & Rosie Gunn

September 2016 - Not awarded

August 2016 - Olivia Pearce

July 2016 - Zayna Gallacher

June 2016 - Alex Thickett

May 2016 - Andrea Holland

Apr 2016 - Champs Team

Mar 2016 - Not awarded

Jan / Feb 2016 - Sophie McCarthy

National Age groups: Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th December 2016

This was a tough weekend to navigate with so many moving parts! and having our recreational teams split over Saturday/Sunday with the competitive teams. A huge thank you goes out to our team of volunteers who were brilliant and without them giving up their time we wouldn't have run as smoothly:
Margaret Woolley - judging and Mitch - Head TM for 3 LONG days of and being poolside from early morning to the last person left standing after the days’ event; Alison Thickett - assisting TM, who discovered how much behind the scenes work/planning there is that parents/swimmers don't realise there is to do especially in anticipating any plan b's etc; Deborah Jackson, Tina Wilshaw, Jane Randall for assisting and having them helping was so important with the number of swimmers we were shifting around; Sonia Dembinska for being our Club volunteer at the event and Barbara Campbell for being taxi when Margaret and Mitch needed transport. Coaches - a big “thanks” for your hard work throughout the year! and getting your teams to performance level for this competition.


12&U rec. finished 19th on 43.5000pts and swam the routine to “Monsters University”: Harriet Clowes, Hannah Coppock, Lana Darcy, Gabriella Dineen, Faye Hyde, Olivia Pearce, Harriet Price, Simona Rosu, Isobella Thompson, Poppy Rixson-Wright, Francesca Rice. Coached by Hannah Randall.

13/14 rec. Team 1 finished 5th on 53.9333pts and swam the routine to “Kingsman”: Grace Andrews, Grace Balchin, Jess Bosworth, Alex Ellerington, Yasmin Grist, Annaliese McCarthy, Lucy McGirr, India Rankin, Thea Schirvanian, Amy Wilshaw. Coached by Emma Adams.

13/14 rec. Team 2 finished 15th on 45.2667pts and swam the routine to “Kingsman”: Emily Lawrence, Emily Tapley, Kimberley Duguid, Lily Muir, Olive Wallace. Coached by Sammie Mattinson

15/17 rec. finished 3rd winning BRONZE on 55.3000pts and swam the routine to “Divergent”: Josephine Connor, Natasha Early, Minnie Gray, Sophie McCarthy, Jessica Mint, Lauren Nash, Pippa Schulp, Jemima Smillie, Helena Sullivan. Coached by Debbie Carpenter and Hayley Cornick.

12&U comp. finished 8th on 106.5155pts and swam the routine to a “Samba” compilation: Abi Garner, Alex Thickett, Amber Hart, Amy Campbell, Eloise Viney, Katharine Jackson,Louise Love, Regan Woods, Grace Godfrey (R). Coached by Emily Randall and Lucy Hockin

13/15 comp. finished 5th on 115.7543pts and swam the routine to a “Pan” compilation: Bella Harris Johnstone, Charlie Trigg, Ella Rose, Maggie Horos, Olivia Robinson, Risa Darcy, Zayna Gallacher, Zelah Poole, Charlotte Reed (R), Tara McManus (R). Coached by Sam Tomlinson.

15/18 Guns finished 1st winning GOLD on 137.2679pts and swam the routine to “Man from U.N.C.L.E.”: Celina Dembinska-Kenner, Chloe Thickett, Claire Harris, Emma Critchley, Hannah James, Imogen Smith, Victoria Usher, Zoe James, Danielle Cooper (R).
Coached by Louise Ross and April Poulter with Kate Poulter assisting.

15/18 Roses finished 5th on 120.7789pts and swam the routine to “Man from U.N.C.L.E.”: Alice Bell, Francesca Sole, Megan Randall, Millie Grinham, Rosie Gunn, Savannah Gracey.
Coached by Louise Ross and April Poulter with Kate Poulter assisting.


12&U: 8th - Alex Thickett (61.4312); 11th - Abi Garner (59.3555); 16th - Louise Love (57.8888); 46th - Eloise Viney (53.4311); 65th - Katharine Jackson (51.1200); 77th - Regan Woods (50.3377); 84th - Amber Hart (48.4711); 92nd - Grace Godfrey (46.9956); 98th - Amy Campbell (45.8221).

13/15: 12th - Zayna Gallacher (60.0039); 24th - Risa Darcy (57.3940); 29th - Bella Harris-Johnstone (56.8258); 50th - Charlotte Reed (54.4734); 53rd - Charlie Trigg (54.1781); 54th - Olivia Robinson - (54.1591); 56th - India Rankin (54.1326); 59th - Tara McManus (53.9167); 74th - Grace Andrews (52.9167); 79th - Magdalena Horos (52.5757); 84th - Ella Rose (52.3826); 90th - Zelah Poole (51.8485).

15/18: 3rd - Emma Critchley (71.8229); 5th - Danielle Cooper (68.5706); 8th - Victoria Usher (66.6395); 9th - Celina Dembinska-Kenner (65.6516); 10th - Hannah James (65.2523); 11th - Imogen Smith (64.9339); 12th - Alice Bell (64.7596); 13th - Zoe James (64.0571); 14th - Claire Harris (63.0391); 18th - Rosie Gunn (61.6247); 20th - Chloe Thickett (60.4805); 23rd - Millie Grinham (59.8649); 27th - Savannah Gracey (58.4114); 33rd - Megan Randall (57.2973); 55th - Francesca Sole (52.9159).


12&U: 8th - Alex Thickett (115.7979); 11th - Abi Garner (111.4222);

13/15: 9th - Zayna Gallacher (118.1706).

15/18: 5th - Danielle Cooper (136.0373); 6th - Victoria Usher (132.6062); 7th - Alice Bell (128.9263); 11th - Chloe Thickett (122.9138).


12&U: 6th - Abi Garner and Alex Thickett (116.9267).

13/15: 4th - Zayna Gallacher and Bella Harris-Johnstone (119.6482).

15/18: 2nd - Claire Harris and Hannah James (135.0457); 3rd - Rosie Gunn and Victoria Usher (129.9321).

2015 Swimmer(s) of the Month

December 2016 - Lily Muir

November 2015 - Emma Adams

October 2015 - Alex Ellerington

September 2015 - Hannah James

August 2015 - Not awarded

July 2015 - Zayna Gallacher

June 2015 - Lara Hockin & Robyn Stanhope

May 2015 - Hannah Randall

Apr 2015 - Ella Smith

Mar 2015 - Lauren Nash

Feb 2015 - Jorja Brown

Jan 2015 - Minnie Gray