Rushmoor Synchro British Champs over the Years

1982, 1983, 1984, 1991, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

2018 Squad:


Grace, Olivia, Torrie, Rosie, Lucy (Back) Millie, Savanah, Danielle, Celina, Zoe (Front)

2017 Squad:

Champs 2017

Hannah, Emma, Claire, Torrie, Rosie, Zayna (front); Ella, Hannah, Imogen, Celina, Danielle, Zoe, Megan, Grace (middle); Chloe, Alice, Savannah, Charlie (reserve), Abi, Millie (back).

2016 Squad:


Alice, Chloe, Megan, Bella, Torrie, Claire (front); Rosie, Millie, Imogen, Lara, Celina, Hannah (back).

2015 Squad


Megan, Emily, Rosie, Frankie (reserve), Chloe (front); Emma, Hannah, Robyn, Celina, Alice, Millie (back).

2014 Squad

Champs 2014

Megan Randall, Millie Grinham, Hannah James, Claire Harris, Chloe Thickett, Lucy Abel (reserve) (front); Lara Hockin, Leila Vickers, Ella Watson, Emma Carpenter, Celina Dembinska-Kenner, Danielle Cooper (back).

2013 Squad

Champs 2013

Georgina Gegg, Lucy Hockin, Robyn Bignell, Antonina Dembinska-Kenner, Charlotte Langley, Imogen Smith (front); Emily Randall, Lara Hockin, Leila Vickers, Emma Carpenter, Jorja Brown, Hayley Clarke (back).

2012 Squad

Champs 2012

Lucy Hockin, Steffi Stone, Robyn Bignell, Emily Randall (front); Charlotte Langley, Georgina Gegg, Hannah Randall, Jorja Brown, Jodie Cowie, Amy Campbell (back).

2011 Squad

Champs 2011

Abi Lawrence, Steffi Stone, Antonina Dembinska-Kenner, Robyn Bignell, Sophie Usher, Charlotte Langley, Lucy Hockin (front); Danielle Leavold, Georgina Gegg, Emily Randall, Elizabeth Winter, Louise Woolley (back) with Janet Selley (back left).

2010 Combo Squad

champs combo team 2010

Tiffany Le (reserve), Elizabeth Winter, Danielle Leavold, Laura Simmonds, Leonie Kearn (reserve) (front); Lucy Hockin, Robyn Bignell, Steffi Stone, Katy Granville-Chapman, Sophie Usher, Antonina Dembinska-Kenner, Abi Lawrence (back).

2009 Squad

Champs 2009

April Poulter, Lucy Hockin, Abi Lawrence, Robyn Bignell, Hannah Bignell, Jennifer Knobbs, Sarah Dunford, Louise Woolley, Elizabeth Winter.

2008 Squad

champs 2008

Emily Stevens, Emily Kuhl, Robyn Bignell, Sarah Dunford (front); Marianne Hardy, April Poulter, Emma Cole, Abi Lawrence, Louise Anderson, Elizabeth Winter (back).

2007 Squad

Champs 2007

Asha Randall, Louise Anderson, Vicki Lucass (front); Louise Woolley, Emily Kuhl, April Poulter (middle); Cherry Wilson, Lauren Smith (back).

2006 Squad


Louise Woolley, Jenna Randall, Asha Randall (front); Olivia Federici (nee Allison), Emily Kuhl, Lauren Smith, Vicki Lucass, Natasha Lau (back).

2005 Squad

champs 2005

Jenna Randall, Louise Woolley (front); Vicki Lucass, Lauren Ramskir, Hayley Tribe, Lauren Smith, Natasha Lau, Olivia Federici (nee Allison), Asha Randall (back).

1991 Squad

Champs 1991

Adele Carlsen, Rachel Ramsay, Katie Webber, Georgina Baldwin, Megan Shacklock, Rebecca Scales, Laila Vakil, Kerry Shacklock.

1984 Squad


Lisa Raysnford, Nikki Batchelor, Michelle Raynsford, Carolyn Wilson, Sarah Moore, Amanda and Jackie Dodd.

1983 Squad

Champs 1983

Carolyn Wilson, Jackie Dodd, Lisa Raynsford, Alison Bowler, Nikki Batchelor, Sarah Moore, Amanda Dodd, Michelle Raynsford with Edna Russell.

1982 Squad

Champs 1982

Jackie Dodd, Carolyn Wilson, Alison Bowler, Michelle and Lisa Raynsford, Nikki Batchelor, Amanda Dodd, Debbie Moore.