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What to expect at competitions

Competitions vary greatly in length depending upon the type of competition. Some competitions involve an evening only, some a whole day, and some for the whole weekend. There are four levels of artistic swimming competition in England, designed to give swimmers the opportunity to progress to national and international standard. A guide to the four levels of English artistic swimming competition can be found on the Swim England website. Click here



What to take to competitions

As some competitions can last all day, it is important to prepare and make sure you have everything you need. 


Competitors will need to arrive wearing their Rushmoor kit (detailed below). We also recommend taking some additional warm and dry clothing to wear between figures, as it can get very cold.

Competition Checklist:

  • Rushmoor Kit: club swim cap, jacket, polo shirt, shorts (or black leggings) and flip flops

  • White cap for figure competitions (and a spare)

  • Black costume for figure competitions

  • Nose clip (and a spare)

  • Hair gelling kit (required for routine competitions only): hair brush/comb, gelatine sachets, flask with hot water,  mixing bowl, application brush, hair ties, hair grips, bun net. 

  • Towelling robe (optional)

  • Socks (optional)

  • Two large towels

  • Healthy snacks

  • Water bottle, suitable for poolside

Competition Entry Forms

This is all managed by our Competition Secretary and the Team Manager(s) that has been allocated for the competition.

For details of  the figures which are expected to be used in each level of synchronised swimming, click here.

Judging of Figures explained

There have been a number of questions by athletes as to how the figures are judged and the FINA manual explains this: click here

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